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  • April 28, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment

    A bookshelf can often be overlooked as a invisible piece of furniture in a home, but it couldn't be further from the truth.
    A bookshelf can be a wonderful focal point in any room, providing
     endless possibilities to display wonderful homewares, loved trinkets from around the world, house plants and of course, your favourite books.
    What's more is that a bookshelf is easily changeable and just a few tweaks here and there has the potential to freshen up any space.

    But, is there a science to styling a bookshelf?
    Here are some helpful tips, how to's and myth busters, on how to style a bookshelf.  


    Having clear space on a shelf is just as important as displaying pieces.  Be sure to give the objects you're displaying some breathing space so they can be seen and admired.

    Leave space on a bookshelf


    If styling a multi shelf bookcase, give some thought to how you want the different shelves styled.  One shelf might be given over entirely to books while shelves above and below have a combination of books, vases, pictures and plants.  Remember you can use your books and magazines both vertically and horizontally.  And try stacking some of them into baskets for impact.

    Bookshelf styling ideas

    Bookshelf styling ideas

    3.  USE BOOKS

    Books are a great way to add height to items that need elevation - you can stack books on their side so the spines are visible, or turn them around so that the plain pages are on display and the books disappear.  (If you don't want the colourful spines of your books to detract from the overall impact of your display, try turning the spines towards the wall so that the pages are facing out, leaving the focus on your pieces.)

     Use books different ways when styling a bookshelf


    I love the vibrancy and life that plants add to a room and I always incorporate some greenery into my shelf spaces.  There are some fantastic artificial plants available these days which look incredibly lifelike - if you haven't been blessed with green fingers. A terrarium is also a great way to introduce some greenery.



    Colour grouping pieces or books is also something to consider, as is adding in a propped-up piece of art or some personal photos.  Shelves are also a great way to display your collections - old trophies, Crown Lynn pottery, or shells collected from the beach.



    Most of all, you want your displays to be a reflection of you, so be inventive with how you group it all together.  Here's some inspiration from Pinterest to help get you started.


      Ideas from Pinterest - How to Style a Bookshelf      

    Ideas from Pinterest - How to Style a Bookshelf

    I've love to see how you get on at home, do drop me a line or send some photos of your beautiful bookshelves to jude@cravehome.co.nz     
    How to style a bookshelf  



    I've love to see how you get on at home, do drop me a line or send some photos of your beautiful bookshelves to jude@cravehome.co.nz 

    1 Response


    June 26, 2017

    I love these tips and can’t wait to put some of these into practice. I especially love the breathing space tip. Must try that!

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