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  • March 09, 2017 2 min read

    Choosing the right handbag for an overseas trip is so important. Too small and you have another bag to handle, too big and it's heavy and unmanageable. Read our top 5 tips ...


    Being hands-free when you're a tourist makes life a lot easier, and if you can keep your personal possessions close to you, even better.  A cross-body bag gives you freedom and flexibility. An adjustable, wide shoulder strap makes long days a breeze - and we're excited to be welcoming for Summer 17/18 this black and white beauty.  These straps will be available for individual purchase, so you can just clip it on to your favourite bag, shown here on a Saben Big Sis Tilly in Black.  These bags are also versatile enough to slip into a larger tote bag for long-haul flights.



    Many of our Louen Hide handbags (available in-store) come with a separate purse included - this means you can load up a larger handbag for your flight with a magazine, bottle of water, warm scarf or wrap and keep your passport, lipstick and currency in the smaller purse.  The smaller purse is also a great evening option when you fancy a night on the town.

    Only available in store




    Because suitcase space can be at a premium, your handbag needs to work hard when you're away.  I've lugged around kids clothing, snacks, water for everyone, cameras and iPads on days out before - so sturdy and comfy shoulder straps are a must!  A long shoulder strap to free up your hands is an added bonus.

    Great size handbag for holidays


    If you're travelling with children, having quick access to activities and snacks to keep them entertained on flights is also something to consider.  You don't want to be up and down during a long haul flight, having to access a bag that won't fit under the seat in front of you.  Something squashy that doesn't take itself too seriously like this roomy, heavy-duty washable paper tote bag is ideal as a carry on bag.  And yay, it can also do pool or beach duty as well.
    Hold all


    I have learned over the years to always pack a spare shopping bag or canvas tote bag (which folds flat) when heading away - it becomes another carry-on option when my returning suitcase becomes too heavy!  It's never fun to do the emergency re-pack at the check-in counter, so adding one of these ahead of time can save you some embarrassment.

    Shopping bag/tote 

    So, there you have my top five tips for choosing the right handbag for an overseas trip.

    View some of the excellent handbags we have in our store, from small overnighters, to weekenders or totes for those beach holidays. View all our fabulous Bags + Accessories.

    You might also like to think about other essentials like a great hat, sunglasses & the perfect pair of sandals to complete your look. Bon Voyage!


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