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  • March 01, 2017 2 min read

    Hand weaved, hand tied, and macrame style wall hangings are so popular at the moment.

    I wanted to temporarily fill a tricky space while I searched for the perfect piece of art, so I designed and made this easy wall hanging to add a focal point and some texture to the space.

    This mini project was so simple and easy to do, it didn't take a huge amount of time and most importantly, it was a fun and enjoyable experience!  This is also something you could do with a child as a decorative piece for their bedroom.

    The wall hanging can be made to any size which suits the space. Why not give it a go? Here are some helpful tips:

    What you'll need

    1. a piece of dowelling from your hardware store and sandpaper
    2. some chunky wool or twine.
    3. scissors
    4. hook or something to hang the finished piece on.



    Measure and then cut your piece of dowelling, give the ends a little sand with some sandpaper (or an emery board!) to smoothe them.


    Cut your wool into roughly the same sized strips (this will depend on the space you are working with)

    3. FOLD & LOOP

    Fold each piece of wool roughly in half and hold the loop over the front of the piece of dowel.  Pull the loose ends through the loop and tighten.  Repeat, repeat, repeat! I wasn't too fussy about keeping the ends even as I wanted my piece to have some movement.


    For some extra textural interest, I tied knots in random places just to break up the lines of wool.  


    To hang the wall hanging, I suspended the entire piece on a pre-existing hook, but You could tie a longer piece of cord to each end of the dowel and hang it from a hook or nail.  


    Here is the finished piece that I've hung on my wall as a focal point. As you can see, I've styled it beside a nice indoor plant and it looks right at home.  

    If you wanted to add extra colour and texture, you could also tear fabric into strips or use ribbons and knot the pieces in the same way.  This would be fun in a child's room or nursery if you were on a small budget.

    I'd love to what you think of this piece, so please email me at jude@cravehome.co.nz or feel free to send me pics of your own creation.

    cravehome DIY Wall hanging



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