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  • Yesēco The One Brush - White

    The ONE BRUSH conveniently hides in the sink. Keeping your bench clutter free and the ONE BRUSH hygienically clean, aired and dry.

    The magnetic stand attaches through the wall of any sink or material up to 8mm thick and can be positioned and repositioned at will.

    The magnetic stand is extra strong and has two parts/magnets. Part A connects to the back of the sink (inside your cupboard) and Part B connects to the inside of your sink. The ONE BRUSH fits nicely into Part B.

    Our screw out brush heads are made from bamboo and natural sisal fibers. Sisal Fibers are from the Agave plant and are soft enough to use on non stick pans, but sturdy enough for months of use.

    It truely is an elevated experience for any household.


    Handle- 100% recycled plastic

    Bristles- Sisal fibers