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    Powder Based Shampoo

    Powder-to-foam shampoo concentrate

    Refresh Your Hair with Dust&Glow's Powder-based Shampoo for Balanced to Oily Hair

    Transform your hair care routine with Dust&Glow's Powder-based Shampoo, a game-changer for balanced to oily hair. Unlike traditional shampoos that are diluted with water and packed with synthetic chemicals and plastic waste, our innovative formula redefines clean and nourished hair.

    Infused with the power of soy protein, coconut, and a pre & probiotic complex, this gentle shampoo cleanses, conditions, and hydrates your hair, leaving it balanced and revitalised. This powder-to-foam, sulfate-free shampoo turns into a luxurious lather when activated with water.  

    Need some extra hydration & TLC? Hydrates & nourishes dry/coloured hair

    Look no further than Dust&Glow's Powder-based Shampoo for Dry&Coloured hair. We've revolutionized the way you care for your hair by eliminating water and focusing on nourishing ingredients that deliver remarkable results. Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and unnecessary plastic waste.

    Our waterless shampoo transforms into a luxurious, silky, and creamy lather when activated with water. Formulated with a blend of cacao, coconut, and argan oil, it provides hydration and nourishment for dry, damaged and coloured hair.  With smoothing betaine (from sugar beets), this shampoo concentrate is soap-free, and pH balanced to leave your hair soft and full of shine. 

    • Soap-free & sulphate-free formula
    • pH balanced for optimal hair health
    • Gentle formulation: no harsh chemicals, no preservatives, no fragrances
    • Economical usage: Up to 65 usages, equivalent to 3x bottles of liquid shampoo
    • Ready to use (no mixing or preparation required, simply activate with water
    • Plastic-free packaging: endlessly recyclable aluminium bottles & refillable
    • Made in New Zealand