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  • Limited Edition - Spiced Orange Soda Syrup

    We’ve partnered with Everybody Eats, a pay-as-you-feel charity restaurant creating exquisite 3-course meals from rescued food. This soda syrup is filled with fresh NZ oranges, soft spices and orange rinds kindly donated by Moore Wilson’s - a byproduct from their fresh juices.

    $1 from each purchase of this soda syrup supports Everybody Eats and their mission to reduce food waste, food poverty and social isolation in Aotearoa.

    This is a syrup for Sodastream, Sparkler or any home soda maker. 

    DIRECTIONS: Fill a tall glass with ice, add soda water most of the way, add 30-40mL of syrup depending on size and taste preference. Stir and garnish with citrus or herbs. This syrup can also be enjoyed hot - just add boiled water! 

    Bottle contains 500mL of syrup.