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  • Good Enough Guide to Better Living

    With an abundance of hilarious household tips, Leave Your Dishes in the Sink is here to teach you how to look like you're doing the most by doing less.

    Most home economics books share the same guidance: "the best way of doing things." In a world of Instagram-worthy homes and Pinterest-perfect meals, sometimes the best way of doing things feels unattainable. Leave Your Dishes in the Sink teaches you how to work with life's most relatable habits to create the illusion of upkeep and a façade of cleanliness. Taking you room by room--from the kitchen and the living room to the bedroom and the bathroom--you'll learn the proper (aka easiest) way of doing things. Avoid dirty dishes by eating out of the jar. Choose the houseplant that will match your level of self-doubt. And who needs folding the laundry when you have The Chair? You'll even find out how to entertain your guests without them noticing you haven't vacuumed your carpet since you signed your lease.

    With the help of elegant charts and diagrams, you'll find answers to some of the life's toughest questions, including:

    • How do I fold a fancy napkin? (Just don't.)
    • Does a bucket count as a cup? (Yes.)
    • Which way does the toilet paper roll go? (Who cares!)

    Witty and absurd, Leave Your Dishes in the Sink is a hilarious reminder that real life exists and it's okay to give yourself a break. By doing less, you too can create your dream home--or at least one that's totally fine just the way it is.

    The best kind of self-improvement book, this anti-perfectionism guide gives you permission to give yourself a break while getting in some laughs!

    LAUGH-OUT-LOUD RELATABLE: Author Alison Throckmorton perfectly distills all the universal shortcuts we take as adults trying to keep it all together, like leaving your dishes in the sink "to soak" and using that one chair you have as a second dresser.

    REAL-WORLD HOUSEHOLD HINTS & TIPS: For anyone exhausted by searching for things that spark joy or the TikToks pushing housecleaning as therapy, this guide offers the perfect mix of parody and empathy. Step over the laundry pile to flip through these delightfully illustrated pages for tips and tricks to finding happiness among the chaos.

    FUNNY GIFT FOR EVERYBODY: This book makes a great gift for a recent graduate, a friend who just became a homeowner or renter, a new mom, or a parent who has been keeping the house together for thirty years.