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  • Ecoya Hand & Body Wash

    A beautiful hand and body wash that protects, nourishes, moisturises  and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth while forming a barrier to protect from harmful elements

    Available in four fragrances:

    Guava & Lychee: layers of ripe guava nectar are interwoven with a lively, Queensland lychee-inspired scent and a cocktail of berries.

    Sweet Pea & Jasmine: the essence of sweet pea and Australasian white jasmine, uplifting notes of watermelon and cucumber.

    French Pear: a crisp, tree-ripened Queensland pear is captured and blended with a hint of the creamiest vanilla and infused with clove.

    Lotus Flower: Australian white lotus flower, infused with deep shades of Pacific vanilla and patchouli.