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  • Ecomax Sisal Body Brush

    Sisal Fibre – a firm, medium strength fibre from the succulent Agave sisalana
    • Plentiful Fibres – the head is full and fluffy with abundant fibres
    • Natural Fibre – natural fibres have a soft rounded edge to prevent damage to your skin and are carbon neutral
    • Non Toxic – our fibres are free of chemical sprays
    • Plastic Free - ensuring no micro-plastics will make their way down your drains to the ocean
    • Biodegradable – compost to breakdown naturally
    • Ethically Handmade – supporting women producers in Sri Lanka
    • Vegan Certified – no hidden animal products

    L: 20cm W: 10cm D: 5cm
    Weight: 150g
    Please note that as these are a handmade product there may be slight variation in sizing

    It is beneficial to remember that your brush is made from natural fibres and much like your cotton bath towel you need to treat it well to prolong its life and stop it developing mildew.

    As your brush will accumulate the dead skin cells from daily dry body brushing, spray after each use with our ECOMAX Turmeric brush cleansing spritzer to keep the bristles bacteria free and wash in warm water regularly with an antibacterial soap. Shake out excess water and hang brush to dry in the sun.
    If using in the shower wash weekly and hang to dry in the sun.

    Never leave your brush soaking in water or in a damp environment.