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  • All The Good Things Denim

    A family gratitude journal – create a ritual to remember ‘all the good things’ and install helpful habits that raise grateful hearts.

    Life is full of good things, yet too often we don’t pay attention to them, and forget to be thankful. Scientific research has reported many benefits to practicing gratitude, including improvements in overall well-being and happiness.

    This journal includes helpful prompts and quotes to encourage a grateful way of thinking. Connect with your family as you discuss all the good things - perhaps as you sit for a weekly dinner, or before bedtime a few times a week. Designed with flexibility in mind so you can use as often or little as you like.

    Record all the good things here and create a beautiful reflection for years to come.


    This journal is undated so you can begin whenever it feels right for your family, and record as little or as often as you like along the way.

     The journal includes the following prompts:

    ~ Date

    ~ The good things that happened today

    ~ The good in our lives we can be thankful for

    ~ Good people we are grateful for

    ~ Recent highlights that made us feel good

    ~ The good things to look forward to

    ~ Something good we can do for others

    Over ninety quotes have been woven into these pages to inspire and use as a conversation starter with your family.


     ~ 230mm x 190mm