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  • April 04, 2019 2 min read

    seem to be having their moment .... if you're not familiar with the concept, it's all about taking some time for yourself, running a bath, doing your tan, relaxing, and just taking care of you.  We're all for it - if we could just keep the kids out of the bathroom long enough!  Read on for five of our bathroom favourites x


    These beautiful 100% cotton knitted wash cloths are a perennial favourite of ours.  They can be used in either the bathroom or kitchen - and quite often on baby bottoms too!  They make a great gift, and are perfect for daily use. 



    Nothing beats a long hot soak in a scented bath.  New to cravehome, is the beautiful SALT by Hendrix collection - Sydney specialists in the art of indulgence.  There are lots of beautiful vegan mixes to select from - and if you have trouble deciding, there's a gorgeous set of five test tubes, each with a different bath mix. 




    When you want to avoid shower frizz, or need to get a jump on drying your luscious locks - these divine hair accessories bring the glamour!  The shower turbans are a new take on a shower cap, but with a lot more style!  They dry super fast, are easy to put on and pull off - and are great when travelling.  The towel wrap works by taking extra moisture out of your hair before you commence the drying process.  Five Stars.

    There's a lovely range of beauty themed books in-store right now - something for everyone covering beauty treatments, healthy spaces, good foods and everything in between.  Grab a glass of wine while you flick through these, as you recline into your bath.  See our full range of books here.

    New from Wanaka candle queens George & Edi are these lightly perfumed, rich and hydrating hand creams.  They'll nourish your hands this winter, and even better there are no nasty parabens, petrochemicals or phthalates.   Did we mention that they smell divine too?


    We just about grabbed one each and fled, the day these sheepskin hot water bottles arrived!  Oh my.  You want to spoil yourself?  Look no further.  The wool cover has a zipper back so you can remove it when you need to, and the hot water bottle is a pleasing shade of grey.  Available in five beautiful colours - and just the thing to send you off to sleep after your bath x

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