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  • March 23, 2019 2 min read

    It's true that the addition of a well chosen plant to an interior space instantly adds an extra dimension, and I've always had plants in my various bedrooms, flats and houses.  At home, we've got a blend of real and faux plants, and half the time you can't tell which is which (presenting a challenge for whoever is on watering duty).  Artificial plants and greenery have come a very long way in recent years - take a look below at some of our favourites x


    This Robellini palm is a great way to add a tropical feel to any space.  We've got this one here in our bathroom.  The palm is not too big to be overwhelming but still does the job with adding some life to the space.  



    This Potted Pothos lives in our guest room - as with most guest rooms, there's not a lot of air movement or regular use of this room, so having an artificial plant in there makes a lot of sense, as it always looks fresh. 





    Laundry shelves don't need to be bland - I store a few vintage vases on these shelves, and the addition of artificial greenery in this very sunny space, helps make it one of my favourite rooms in the house.  All of these plants are available in our Garden + Plants section of the website.

     * HOT TIP *
    If your artificial plants are looking a little dusty, just immerse them upside down in a bucket of water for a moment, then let them air dry.

    For the more green fingered among us, check out these beautiful brass scissors and divine gardening books - and how cute is this bee house?  Just hang it outside and the female bees will make tiny hives in the reeds and will leave a tiny egg with some pollen for when it hatches.

    Keen to add a larger feature piece?  We've got a few Areca Palms and Fiddle Leaf Figs alongside our smaller plants.  Forget having to maintain a notoriously difficult indoor tree, and just add one of these!





    I love how the green of our super popular Potted Philo sets off the beautiful blue of the Portugese planter and Ginger Jar.  Just adding a small plant like this onto a bookshelf adds a shot of colour and lifts it to another level.

    We were horrified by what happened in Christchurch last week, and wanted to visibly demonstrate our thoughts with our window. 
    Our message is simple but clear - more love, less hate.

    Have a nice weekend everyone, Jude x

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