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  • February 18, 2021 2 min read

    the cooler months just got a whole lot more enticing!  Saben's divine Heritage Autumn/Winter 2021 collection arrived last week - with beautiful new designs in arresting colours.  Any one of these pieces will brighten up a dull day, and even though there's plenty of summer still to come, this collection is worth snapping up now!

    Our old favourite Rebe in new colour Highland.


    This season's brightest hue is Scarlet.

    Bubble leather is making a big splash.


    Odette has a playful vibe but is absolute luxury.
    (feature gold chain strap sold separately)

    For your ear pods.

    Cards, key, phone.  Keeping you hands free with Nikko.


    The beautiful Odile in Royal.

    Look after for your investment pieces with Saben's own care collection.
    (arriving this week, online next week)


    Last year, I asked for some recommendations on books to read and had a great response.  I'm currently working my way through the Seven Sisters series - and I am really loving it (so a big thanks to everyone who put that forward!).  I'm over halfway through the six book series and am really enjoyed this style of writing.  I read everything these days on my Kindle-for-iPad app which sure beats having to cart books around!  

    Yesterday, we devoured Josh Emmet's tomato tart for lunch - so simple with fresh tomatoes and pesto cooked on a pastry base and topped with feta and rocket.  Josh has saved this as Highlight on his Instagram, so check it out. 

    Another lockdown wasn't on the cards this time last week when I was in Dunedin, but I guess that's Covid isn't it?  It's been a relatively productive week even so, and I've managed to catch up on lots of paperwork, orders and even found some time to repaint one of our display tables. 

    I hope wherever you are, that you've had a good week.  Lockdowns can play havoc with mental health, so I hope you are looking after yourself.
    Take care, Jude x


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