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  • March 08, 2019 2 min read

    Our Eco Love category, packed with earth friendly pieces, continues to resonate with you, our lovely customers.  We are always on the hunt for new additions to expand our range and encourage thoughtful living.  I'm continuing to make changes at home - with using our produce bags and now our new bulk bin bags - and it's so rewarding to receive feedback from our in-store customers who are making changes to their lives too.  

    An alternative to Gladwrap.  Enough said.  Well, actually, I can't rave enough about these great honeybee food wraps!  They mould to whatever vessel you need to cover, stick fast and come away easily when you need them to.  Simply rinse in soapy water, air dry and they're good to go again.  So much better for the environment than MORE plastic.  We sell these great wraps in packs of three.  See more here. 



    I do enjoy my coffee in the mornings - and our fab Joco cups mean that I can take a coffee from home, or get one to go from my favourite cafe.  They conveniently fit into car cupholders, are dishwasher safe (even with the silicone) and come in a great range of colours.  




    Some of us grew up with Bin Inn, but today's cool version are the Good For wholefoods refillery stores.  They're packed with all the pantry staples you desire, plus much more!  The interiors are clean and fresh, and they are popping up all over Auckland.  Our Bulk Bin Bags are perfect for when you're re-filling your staples.  They're made from densely woven cotton, with a draw string top - and each set comes with a set of sticky labels so you can write down the product codes and attach to your bag.  That's another packaging element eliminated.  Order your Bulk Bin Bags here.

     Next time you're at the supermarket having left your shopping bags in the car, pull out one of these from your handbag.  These lightweight carrybags come in a zip pouch, have an internal pocket, can carry 20 kilos and come in a beautiful range of designs.  You'll use it more than you think - and it makes a great gift too!  See our full range, including zip pockets and backpacks, here.




    We often kick start our mornings with a delicious smoothie.  Last year we bought a NutriBullet - and it gets used just about every day.  We keep a supply of berries, bananas and fruit in the freezer, and just add juice, yoghurt, and/or chia seeds, protein powder and kale.  Yummo.  Our Cali Woods Smoothie Straws are the bomb for drinking smoothies of any thickness - and check out Shay's Summer Scrumptious Smoothie Recipes here.

    We are taking inspiration from Dame Vivienne Westwood's words this year:
    Buy Less.  Choose Well.  Make it Last.

    Have a great week everyone, Jude x

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