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  • September 27, 2020 2 min read

    Every now and then you discover a product that you just know is going to be a winner. Let me introduce you to the joys of shower bombs from Essentially Tamara. I first saw these clever things on the famous New Zealand Made Products (now Chooice) facebook page during the first lockdown. I bought a pack for my daughter's birthday - and boy, were they a hit!
    They're like a bath bomb but for the shower. You place one in the shower on the floor, and as it dissolves under the water, your everyday shower experience becomes a luxurious spa experience. Essential oils and fragrances are released as the shower bombs dissolve, leaving you feeling on top of the world.
    Find out more below, Jude x
    Luxe leather for your loved one - this beautiful collection of dog collars and leads have just arrived in store from new brand Ollie & James, whose mission is to have your dog look as good as you do.  This was a no-brainer.  We have lots of dog lovers among our customers, and most of us at the store have a dog (or two).  The gold covered-brass hardware, the leather collar, the delicate embossing - these are accessories that will grow better with age, and are designed for dog life.
    The Shower Bombs come in two fragrance ways - Signature (Invigorate, Serenity, Breathe, Relax, Clarity) or Botanical (Rose, Lavender, Raspberry, Coconut and French Pear).  They're each available as a pack of five larger shower bombs or ten smaller shower bursts.  Each lotus shaped piece is hand made, and handwrapped in a biodegradable covering.
    We're picking that these will be THE hot seller for Christmas.
    Our local fragrance gurus Ashley & Co, have recently released the most amazing room spray - Power House.  Great for the house, the car, the dog's bed - anywhere that needs a scent re-set.  It features notes of geranium, blond tobacco, violet leaves and tonka bean and absolutely delivers the goods.
    We are loving these new arrivals - four beautiful cocktail books with 60 recipes, and stunningly illustrated.  Such a great gift for a girlfriend - and they pair beautifully with our flavoured gummies!
    Our new collection of Citta cushions are looking lush in-store - as you can see, lots of neutrals this season, with khaki and mustard accents coming through.  Linen is such a lovely fabric, it softens with age and use.

    Have a great week everyone, Jude x

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