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  • December 03, 2020 2 min read

    If you're part of a family that's a little on the competitive side, then we've got some great quizzes and games for you - and the perfect way to finish off your Christmas Day!  Read on to find out more about our Fun Gift Guide x
    These beautiful heirloom board games will last for years.  With durable construction and quality workmanship - these are games that are meant to be on display year round!
    I'm going to buy a Tangrams set for my coffee table - it's a frame with different coloured wooden shapes inside it and you rearrange them to make different objects with over 200 silhouettes included.  We've also been selling our range of quizzes: Pub Quiz, After Dinner Trivia Quiz, 90's Quiz; Food & Drink Trivia - these have made great gifts for under $20.
    These sweet Build Your Own Bee Hotel kits are great for the kids - they house single bees that aren't attached to a hive.  The bees won't lay any eggs but they will pollinate your flowers.  The inflatable T-Rex stands 1.2m tall and would be great for some after-lunch wrestling.  We've got one hanging in our front window, he's fantastic!  
    Puzzles galore, with extra stock of the New Zealand designs (big sellers this week).  The Practical Jokes Kit is great for a mischievous boy, as is the age-old Marbles, along with Jacks, Dominoes and Noughts & Crosses.  
    Our annual in-store Christmas Shopping night is happening next week so put a ring around Thursday, 10 December.  We'll be open until around 7 (depending on the crowds!) and we'll have delicious treats, yummy bubbly and in-store specials on the night.  It will be great to see you!  
    Pictured L-R: Nyrelle, Kim, Avery, Ellie, Leanne, Charis, Jude and Louise

    Most of the fabulous cravehome team headed out for a celebratory Christmas meal last night - we are so blessed to have amazing restuarants in our hood, and we had a great night out at Moxie.  Delicious food, divine cocktails, lots of laughs and some time to reflect on an unpredictable year.  These amazing women are such a joy to share this adventure with, and are so special to me.  Have a great week everyone, Jude x

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