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  • July 23, 2018 2 min read

    You may have seen bullet journalling on Instagram or Pinterest - it's a new(ish) global trend that is bringing pen back to paper and introducing some creativity into scheduling your life.  

    Keep track of your drycleaning, dentist or dance class with this new way of running a diary.  Made up of pages of dots, you decide how and where you structure your day, week and month.  There are some terrific examples of bullet journals on Pinterest - but don't be daunted by the calligraphy or artistry - you can bring order to your day with just a few simple pens or pencils

    Get inspired with these amazing examples from expert Bullet Journallers x









    You can have as much or as little pretty as you like - use your bullet journal to keep track of show tickets, postcards, sketches of a sunset, birthdays, shopping lists, gym goals, hot dates or Netflix shows you want to watch.  Fill it with what's important to you.

    Our friends at Frank Stationery have developed their own Bullet Journal - it's a dot grid hardcover notebook, with some inspiring quotes included as well.  Check it out!

    Frank Stationery Bullet Journal, $25.00

    Bullet Journal cravehome

    This is as far as I've got with my own bullet journal unfortunately, but I have good intentions to rectify that and get some elements of my life ordered!

    Explore Pinterest for some tips to get started, decide what you want to include, bite the bullet (so to speak, haha) and get cracking!  We'd love to see how you set yours up!  Send some pics through to jude@cravehome.co.nz

    Happy journalling!



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