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  • March 31, 2020 3 min read

    So, it's been nearly a week in lockdown 

    ... and it's still kind of hard to get your head around, right?  Can't go out, go to work, go to school or uni, no playgrounds, no shopping, not much of anything!  But staying at home doesn't mean losing your mind, in fact - it's a wonderful opportunity to clear your mind, to learn something new, get fit or finish a project you might have put aside.

    And, you might be at home with the children and searching for some fun things to do - happily we've been working on that.  Here's our round up of fun websites and activities you can pick up with your crew - I hope you enjoy exploring and discovering them,
    Jude x


    I am loving this: PE with Joe.  Joe Wicks is a fitness trainer in the UK and was about to embark on a trip around schools when the UK lockdown was imposed.  The trip was off, so he dreamt this up - and it's a massive hit with millions of viewers!  I am doing it every morning with my teenage daughter but don't let that put you off!  This is a great workout for kids - good stretching, cardio and Joe keeps it interesting.  PE with Joe screens live in the UK at 9am their time, but is available here via You Tube any time.  

    David Walliams - comedian, judge on Britain's Got Talent, and master storyteller - is releasing a free audio episode every day from from the World's Worst Children.  Each episode is around 20 minutes long and is voiced by David and friends.  Tune in here.

    Glenn Jones Art have developed a fantastic range of downloadable and printable A4 designs for colouring-in, craft activities and creating.  Everything Glenn designs has a unique Kiwi flavour to it - these will make great keepsakes from this historic "holiday".

    Another great idea is for the children to keep a diary, scrapbook or worksheet on what they did each day - what led to them being at home, how they are helping others, how they are feeling, food they have baked or made, how their other family members outside their bubble are getting on and what New Zealand's daily numbers are looking like.  A record of what they did during this time will be valuable for generations to come.

    Did anyone else watch Hilary Barry make these delicious cheese puffs last week?  These are an easy peasy Jo Seager recipe, so simple that even my husband, who's isolating elsewhere, made this batch!  They could have done with another couple of minutes in the oven, but like the lot we made here, they didn't last long.  Here's the recipe, it's perfect for the kids to make, doesn't require any yeast, and you can easily halve the quantities if you want.  

    2 Cups Plain/Standard Flour
    3 Cups Tasty Grated Cheese
    2 Eggs
    3/4 Cup of Milk
    4 tsp Baking Powder

    Heat the oven before you start to 240 degrees.  Mix all ingredients in a bowl and put blobs of mixture onto a well greased baking tray.  Turn oven off and add tray.  Leave in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

    The James Dyson Foundation in the UK has been set up to encourage young minds to get excited about engineering.  Their scientists have developed a range of science and engineering challenges (all printable) that are ideal for some home based learning!  Download the Challenge Cards here.

    Over the next few weeks we'll keep in touch with some food inspo, book and podcast recommendations, OOTD and fashion faves, as well as some snaps of the cravehome HQ.  We're all about keeping life easy, breezy, light and uplifting.  Stay strong friends, and stay safe.



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