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  • February 15, 2019 2 min read

    This summer, perhaps like many of you, I watched the Netflix Marie Kondo series.  When her first book came out, I was all over it - folding everything into rectangles (big and small), decluttering and saying thank you to things I'd long stopped wearing and using.  Since then, I've continued to make sure that the clutter doesn't re-emerge, and a house renovation last year was a great chance to re-set how we live our lives.

    This year, we are being careful with plastic, packaging and purchasing. I've had a major digital detox and unsubscribed from a zillion newsletters that were clogging up my inbox, and I'm striving to be better organised at home and at work.  To see how, read on x




    Our old pantry was a mess of packets and storage boxes.  This year, we have chucked out the plastic and introduced glass jars.  They are amazing for being able to see what's running low, and keeping everything airtight.  We also love the Duralex Fresh Boxes.  You can keep your leftovers in these beauties in the fridge or freezer, and the base can also be used in the oven or microwave.  I recently read a story about how an Australian mother is just using these in her fridge for her meals each week - she names one for each day of the week and pops all ingredients in ready to haul out and prepare.

    Pretty much my previous go-to method of remembering things, was to hope that I remembered things!  That system certainly had its flaws.  This year however, I'm using one of our fab notebooks - and jotting down my weekly/daily To Do list, house errands, meeting notes and brainstorming ideas.  It goes wherever I go, and it's proving to be invaluable.  Our friends at Frank have an amazing range of stationery, designed to make life just that little bit easier (while also donating books to New Zealand children in need).

    I'm a sucker for a well organised space - and these beautiful books have both come home with me. Packed with lots of relevant tips to organise your spaces at home, with every page is full of inspiration.




    This beautiful Japanese collection of Nawrap dish cloths has just arrived.  They absorb odour and bacteria and become supersoft with use.  Simply sling in the washing machine to refresh.  I've also been using the new Ashley & Co In Sink dishwashing liquid, along with the Bench Press surface spray.  It smells divine, and makes light work of the toughest pots - it's seriously good.  

    These Loqi Zip Pockets are ideal for the traveller.  I took a set away with me over Christmas and can't recommend them enough.  They're great for storing small items, underclothes or dirty washing and the different sizes and patterns make it easy to identify what you've stored where.  These pockets come in a couple of different designs including a transparent set. 

    So for me, this year is about living a more thoughtful life.  To purchase things with purpose; to edit the unnecessary, be better organised and to be considerate of the world around me and the footprint I leave. 
    Have a good year everyone x


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