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    Reusable Glass Wavy Straws - Multi

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    These glass cocktail straws will elevate your beverages in a sustainable way. Durable, reusable, and beautiful, what more could you want? Don't be a sucker, suck on these instead!

    6 drinking straws.
    8 x 150mm.
    1 cleaner brush - one size fits all. 

    Why you'll love Sucker's glass straws
    Great for cocktails, juices, and everything in between. The whole family will love them!
    Sucker straws are designed to be reused, again, and again. Making them a great alternative to single-use plastics... those things suck! 
    They are crafted from the strongest commercially available high-borosilicate glass, making them durable and dishwasher-safe. 
    Did you know that glass sucks at conducting heat? This makes these straws the perfect fit for both hot and cold drinks.