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    Kids Croppers Grow Kit

    Unleash a child's inner green thumb with this Seed Set. Let them learn about how scrumptious a harvest can be, all grown from such tiny seeds. They'll be begging for veges for dinner before you know it. 

    The Kids Cropper Seed Set includes:

    • Beans, Berrgold
    • Carrot, Purple Dragon
    • Corn, Honey & Pearl
    • Capsicum, Colour Mix
    • Peas, Petit Provencal 
    • Radish, Gourmet Blend 
    • Sunflower, Mardi Gras
    • Watermelon, Sugar Baby


    We’ve handpicked this seasonal edit to grow over the next three-six month period. However, there are significant seasonal and climatic variations within the length and breadth of New Zealand. You will know your own conditions best.