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Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Perfect for relaxing and winding down at the end of the day, this gorgeous, rosy amber Himalayan Salt Lamp is a welcome change from the harsh, disruptive blue light emitted from your phone, TV or computer.

Ideal for a living room or office space, place your salt lamp near your electricals to help minimise the effects of electrical radiation and reduce Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution. When the lamp is heated, the salt emits negative ions that counteract ‘pollutive’ positive ions in the air.

Lamp care

When not switched on, your salt lamp absorbs moisture from the air and may ‘cry’ or ‘sweat’. To protect the lamp and the light bulb, simply wipe dry inside and out before switching on again. To minimise the amount of moisture absorbed, position it away from open doors and windows. Place your salt lamp on a protective mat or a ceramic, marble or glass plate to protect your furniture.  We recommend leaving your lamp on 24/7


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