Foaming Handwash

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Life is busy - we get it. Sometimes you can go a whole day without consciously breathing and without pausing. When you’re looking after everyone else, you put your own needs last. We’re here to change that; we’re here to take care of you. Our little reminders fit seamlessly into your home and gently remind you that life is a journey, not a race. We invite you to slow down, to take a deep breath and enjoy the little moments that make this life worth living in the first place.

Made from pure and simple natural ingredients, Our foaming hand wash gently cleanses and nourishes your hands, without drying or irritation. Our specific blends of essential oils are combined with moisturising Coconut and Jojoba oils, to create a luxurious foaming hand wash that takes care of your body and your mind.  Made with love by Santosa.