Flags Outdoor Bag

Project Ten Tote Bags are designed to make your everyday brighter. With Colourful prints, light, water resistant fabric and soft handles, they are perfect for the beach, poolside, market shopping, overnight stays...the list of uses is endless.

Insulated Shopping bag

  • Perfect for your weekly shop or picnic
  • 34cm High x 30 cm wide x 20 cm depth
  • RECYCLED plastic (RPET) outer with Insulated lining, Matte outer finish
  • Zip Closure at the top
  • Sturdy soft handles

Insulated Lunch Bag

  • Perfect for your packed lunch or use as a toiletries bag
  • 10cm High x 30 cm wide x 18 cm depth
  • RecycledåÊplastic RPET Outer with Insulated lining, wipe clean, matte outer finish
  • Zip Closure at the top
  • Sturdy soft handle

Zip Pouch

Whilst we have all been taught to share in the classroom, this year has thrown us a curve ball and for our own safety, have our own selection of stationary.

I designed these pencil cases to fit your ruler, calculator and even an iPad, with a separate pocket for that sanitiser and scissors.

There are a myriad of other uses, only limited by your imagination.

  • 36cm wide x 23.5cm height
  • Pocket is 36cm x 12cm

Oversize Tote

  • Great for the Beach, Holidays, Moving, Anything......
  • Matte Finish, Light, Durable RECYCLED Plastic (RPET)
  • Size: 85cm Wide 37cm High
  • Soft Woven Shoulder and Hand Straps
  • Handy Internal Zip Pocket 25cm Wide 20cm High
  • Folds to A4 Size

Medium Zip Tote

  • The Bags you love, now with a Zip to keep it all in.
  • Great for swimming lessons, market shopping, sports gear, overnight stays, or an extra travel bag
  • Size: 62cm Wide 42cm High
  • Soft Woven Shoulder and Hand Straps sewn down sides for extra strength
  • Handy Internal Pocket 25cm Wide 20cm High
  • Light Durable Recycled Plastic (RPET), new Matte Finish
  • Folds to A4 Size