Black Collette Linen Pants

Tailored but relaxed. Cool and comfortable. An all rounder that can be dressed up or down depending on your day. Or night! Available in short or long options.

  • A thick, comfortable elastic waist to accomodate different body shapes
  • Deep hidden pockets
  • Linen
  • One Size

Thanks to the relaxed fit and extra stretch in the waist you don’t have to worry about size. The waist measures 34cm and extends to up to 50cm. 108cm Long.

Why Linen? A fabric that has been around for thousands of years, and for good reason! Amazingly, linen keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to it being a hollow fibre which allows air to circulate. It’s unique filtering, moisture absorbing and evaporative qualities make it bacteria resistant and non-allergenic. Crafted from the natural and sustainable fibres of the flax plant, which can be grown in hard conditions without large amounts of water. This means that land which can’t be used for food is utilised. Breathable, antibacterial and sustainable.

Pair with our Linen or cotton tops to complete the look.