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if you've always wanted to create a gallery wall at your home or office, read on for our top 5 tips and tricks on how to hang a gallery wall, like a pro.



Select a space in your home where you want to make some impact - it might be at your front entrance, down the hallway or in a living area.


Many gallery walls are made up of framed pieces, but you should think about including some unframed items to break up the lines.  You may want to hang a structured collection of prints, an eclectic collection of baskets, sentimental postcards or vintage mirrors. 


If you're going with a wall of framed pieces, think about connecting the different elements with similar frames (they might all be black narrow frames).  Colour is another way of connecting the pieces together, as is a theme - such as children's art or a special holiday.


How to hang a gallery wall

How to hang a gallery wall



Play around with some layout ideas before you make the ultimate commitment.  You can do this by arranging the pieces on the floor, by sketching your layout on graph paper, or you could make brown paper cutouts of each art piece and tape them to the wall.  It's helpful to have an idea of how you want the finished wall to look before you get started.


Besides hammering in a nail and picture hook, there are some alternatives to hanging your art. Command Picture Hanging Strips can be used (and removed) without damaging wall surfaces, which is ideal if you're renting.

A mounted picture frame shelf (available at hardware stores) gives you some flexibility when it comes to moving your art around your home, although you are committing to hanging a shelf.  Even using a torn piece of washi tape to add a postcard or photo can have high impact.


I personally think the best part about creating a gallery wall, is the many different ways you can showcase things that are precious to you, in every area of the house, home or office.

Here are some more inspirational gallery wall ideas from Pinterest.




How to hang a gallery wall

How to hang a gallery wall
How to hang a gallery wall
How to hang a gallery wall


We hope this gives you a bit of inspiration to give it a go yourself. We'd love to hear about your experiences or see a pic of your finished gallery wall. Feel free to email me at jude@cravehome.co.nz.

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